History & Tradition of wearing a Wedding Veil

Mantilla veil for wedding

As I’ve mentioned in some of my other posts, I’ve been a wedding veil Designer/maker for 11+ years. Over the years I’ve seen veil styles come and go, popular veil colors come and go, and different veil fabrics come and go. What remains is a continuity of brides in choosing to wear a wedding veil. My mother chose to wear a bridal veil, I wore a bridal veil, and …

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DIY Wooden Spice Rack

Make a spice rack

Handmade Wooden Spice Rack We use a lot of spices. We used 2+ shelves in a cupboard next to the stove to store them all. They were hard to get to because the cupboard door opened in the opposite direction of the stove, and moving them to the cupboard on the other side of the stove was out-of-the-question. To solve our spice dilemma, we decided to make …

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Make your own Narrow DIY End Table – Inexpensively

Make your own mission style end table

I needed an end table for the side of the L-shaped chaise-lounge that I built, and it needed to be narrow to fit between the chaise and a glider rocker that we have. It also needed to be inexpensive because I didn’t have a big budget for an end table. If fact, I didn’t have any budget at all, so it had to be as …

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Tips for Saving money at Disney & Free Countdown Calendar

Free Disney World countdown calendar

Have you been to Disney World? I haven’t yet, but hope to go someday. My daughter is planning a trip to Disney World and passed on a money-saving tip that she discovered. She plans on buying the Memory Maker Photo package (Advance purchase option), which is $149.00 as of this writing. Who doesn’t want to save money on their Disney trip? It can be an …

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Apple Crisp Macaroni & Cheese is a Winning Recipe

Apple crisp macaroni & cheese unique mac and cheese

My hubby and had big fun our first ever Macaroni & Cheese Bake-off over the week-end.  Just walking into the room enveloped us in the yummy scents of cheese. I l-o-v-e cheese and all dairy in general, but unfortunately I’ve recently developed lactose intolerance as well as a wheat allergy.  So for me, tasting of the Mac & cheese dishes was off limits. But my hubby enthusiastically stepped …

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Today is National “Organize your Home Day” – 6 Ideas to Help you Organize your Home

Make a lego storage system

  I’m not sure how these special “days” come about, or who makes them up, but this one really hits home. Our home is really in need of some extra attention after the holidays. With extra cooking, extra visitors, and Christmas decorations to be put back, I usually have a lot on my organizing “to-do” list.  For instance, our garage…. My husband searches the Craigslist “free” …

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Win a Tutu Tote bag with a Tiara Applique

Tutu Tote Bag with Tiara Appliqué

TUTU Tote Bag Giveaway-We’re having our first Giveaway!  We like to win things, AND we like to give away things too! Enter now for your chance to win this Tutu Tote Bag This is a large Tutu Tote bag that measures 13″ high, by 12″ wide, by 5″ deep. The body of the bag is made from polyester satin and is also fully lined with …

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The Difference between White and Diamond White Wedding Veils

The difference between a white and a diamond white wedding veil

-A comparison of White and Diamond White Wedding Veils- I’ve been a wedding veil designer/maker for about 18 years now, and was the owner of an online wedding accessories website for 11+ years.  During that time, I answered a lot of questions from newly engaged brides because shopping for a bridal gown and accessories isn’t anything like shopping for off-the-rack clothing and accessories.  There are lots …

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Handmade Rustic Wood Tree for Porch Decorating Made from scrap wood

Christmas wood tree decoration

Here’s a handmade rustic/primitive style wood Christmas tree made from scrap wood. I wanted something for our front porch the holiday that I could make by hand, that was inexpensive, and that I could put scripture on. It’s lasted 3 seasons now (even though it was made out of really-old-scrap-wood). It’s been on the porch sitting in A LOT of snow for an extended period of time. …

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20+ Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas – Make gifts & save money!

20+ Handmade gift ideas

Last year I informed my family I just wasn’t going to do our Christmas gift exchange as usual. I’ve grown weary of the cheap/plastic/imported/common stuff that I usually give as gifts. I wanted to give gifts that were special – personalized – handmade. I want my grandchildren to remember “my grandma and grandpa made me this”. I didn’t really start making gifts until after Thanksgiving …

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Review of Simplicity Pattern 3836 – Poodle Skirt

Poodle Skirt Simplicity 3836

Review of Simplicity Pattern 3836 – Poodle Skirt I loved the look of this pattern, the great hat, shirt, apron and especially the poodle skirt. Ahhhhhhhhh, the poodle skirt. The skirt is basically a large circle, which makes for great twirling. I made this skirt for my granddaughter as part of my this year’s Handmade Christmas theme, which I’m doing again this year…..partially. Last year I …

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